Beauty Skincare – My Not So Glowing Holiday Complexion

3 weeks in and I thought I would have tanned, glowing holiday skin by now. How wrong could I be! I’ve actually got the worst skin I’ve had in a long time….probably since my first weeks in beauty – the Lauder-gate times.

I didn’t pack all of my usual products, as I wanted to downsize so opted for more multitasking stuff as well as products more suited to the climates I’d be travelling through. I failed to think about the fact I’d basically just need to keep my skin clean, and well moisturised. Doh.

I have quite sensitive skin, which has the dreaded label of combination. That means I often end up with products that are too harsh and too active making my face break out quicker than you can say acne. I do like Clinique (so dull, but it works for me) skipping the clarifying lotion and DDML+ but swearing by their Rinse Off Foaming Cleanser and Spot Healing Gel (so glam, I know). I also use their Anti Blemish range of foundations which are epic – the perfect amount of moisture so I don’t get cakey face but matte enough not to end up with a shiny plate face. Those are both technical terms.

Clinique are actually jazzing up the whole anti blemish range this year I think, so there may be some lovely new products.

get your Clinique fix here…..

I digress to happier times for my face. As I’m backpacking and thought I’d be low maintenance, it’s good old soap for my face and a great shampoo bar from Lush for my hair (ultimate shine, buy it here)….

Lush Ultimate Shine solid shampoo

I’m also trying to Co-cleanse (skipping the shampoo, just using conditioner….tricksy!), but more on that another day.

My skin is NOT at all happy and I’ve currently got a slice of pepperoni pizza for a t zone (clearly, there will be no pictures). The combination of rich, spicy food, cheap soap and sun cream all washed down with a healthy dose of humidity has taken its toll. Its actually horrendous having bad skin, especially in your thirties when you think acne is a thing of the past. I had great skin when I was a teenager, if only I’d appreciated it! I hate pictures anyway as I am so so so un-photogenic, but this is a time when I shouldn’t be shying away from the camera – who cares what I look like! Oh yeah, I do. Action is needed…….

I’ve mentioned the Ayurvedic soaps I’ve seen here (for bargain prices)previously, so I’ve bought one and will be trying it out today. Sandalwood and citronella will surely help, if nothing else they will keep the mozzies away.


I’ve also nabbed Oli’s Kiehls mild face wash for a lovely double cleanse at night followed by my trusty ANR2.


Yours spottily,

L xxxx

Lucy Lucraft
Lucy Lucraft

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  1. Jo Cox
    30th January 2014 / 1:09 pm

    Bet you’re still gorge. Spots v singed face/hair. I do believe I win. There is no hiding my fuzz! Xx

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