A Baby Friendly Holiday by the Sea

A Baby Friendly Holiday by the Sea

So, travelling with a newborn eh – I haven’t been doing much of that, despite my BIG plans while I was pregnant. Who knew that getting out of the house would actually be a little bit harder than expected, and managing to adventure like I did pre-baby would be inexplicably hard? Oh yeah, everyone else knew that….

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If you're looking for a baby friendly holiday in the UK, look no further than this delightful seaside spot on the south coast.

So, that’s Bali out…for now, and Bangkok can probably wait. But there’s one exotic spot I’m yet to explore, and that’s the UK. I know this is true for absolutely everyone who was born and bred in the UK but it’s ridiculous.

I seem to only travel around the country when I’m going to a festival, which doesn’t happen as much as it used to anyway, and for some ridiculous reason I always feel like travelling around England takes too long. Yet I’ll happily board a 14-hour flight to see somewhere for 36 hours (yep, that’s happening soon….).

Anyway, Oli and decided enough was enough and we hit the road to spend a weekend somewhere we’d never been, Milford On Sea.

Where is Milford On Sea?

A dreamy British village inside the New Forest, Milford on Sea is about 1.5 hours drive from London in the south coast county of Hampshire.

Although it’s deep in New-Forest land (is that a thing?!) Milford on Sea is, unsurprisingly, by the sea! I grew up by the seaside, and I always crave that wholesome air. London smog doesn’t help my sea cravings so regularly jaunts to my family home or down to Brighton have to quell my hankerings.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t know all that much about Hampshire (and even less about Milford On Sea) so I was pretty surprised to find the cutest little chocolate-box village, spectacular sea views and what appeared to be a ginormous FOREST on my doorstep.

We stayed at the beautiful Beach House, which, has one hell of a back garden……

What to do

Although the village is small, the star of the show is the sea. We took a blustery, beautiful walk along the coast to the Needles, which are essentially boulders in the sea. You can even see the Isle of Wight on a clear day!

A little further and you reach the Hurst Spit, and then the spectacular Hurst Castle, constructed by Henry VIII to protect the Solent from invasion. Luckily, we don’t have to worry about invasion anymore but it’s nice to know it’s there anyway 😉

To be totally honest, when I think about what to ‘do’ on a mini-break with a newborn, I think…….cosy. Cosy, cosy and ever more cosy please. Which leads me to…..

What to eat

For a small village, Milford isn’t short of delicious places to eat. We found a super cool craft pub, stacks of lovely local boozers and a posh fish restaurant too. Plus an endless supply of cafés serving hot tea and yummy sarnies.

Here are my picks:

Verveine for yummy fish and chips

The Smugglers Inn for cosy beers and delicious pub grub

Needles Eye for a hot chocolate pitstop

See more choices here >> bit.ly/2Arw86i

Where to stay

Okay, I’m biased. Because I stayed in the dreamiest of hotels! The Beach House is actually more of a ‘pub with rooms’ but holy crap is it spectacular. Don’t go by what you see on the website because it’s truly the cosiest, best-located spot by the sea.

There’s even a cute pub cat!

We stayed in a beautiful room with a cot for Anaïs better than her own! The quirky little touches were all so nice I didn’t really want to leave the room. But leave it we did and after dinner we found ourselves in a cute little room playing scrabble and drinking wine. It was DREAMY.

What do you think? Where’s your favourite UK minibreak destination?

L x

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Thanks to Hall & Woodhouse for my complimentary stay. All views are my own y’all! Read my full disclaimer here.

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