My Favourite Baby-Changing Bag

I never thought I’d be a ‘changing bag kind of gal. Similarly to my views on travelling with Anaïs I presumed I’d be super chilled out and wouldn’t need to worry about a specific bag with all its faff and status.

‘I don’t need a changing bag’

So from day one, I used my handbag or my Kanken backpack to lug Anaïs bits and bobs around. Which worked……briefly. I breastfed for 7 months so.didnt need much more than the changing mat I picked up at yummy-mummy heaven Jojo Maman Bebé, and our trusty Sophie La Girafe.

What an earth mama I am!’ I thought, smugly.

Pahahaha…what an idiot!

As soon as Anaïs started eating solids, stopped breastfeeding AND she grew sick of Sophie (pretty quickly btw) I needed so much more…..stuff.

I soldiered on like a smug douche for another six months until one day when I really lost it.

Having to pack and unpack a bag several times a day, never being able to find things when I needed them (despite the fact I’d packed meticulously) and still always losing my phone, wallet, and keys pushed me to my tether.

Earth mother be damned. I needed a jazzy changing bag.

‘Erm, I NEED a changing bag’

I’d seen lots of stylish looking bags online, and I knew I wanted something that didn’t irritate me. Yes, I am the mother of a small human but nope, I don’t need baby animals everywhere.  I also needed one bag to double as Anaïs changing bag and my own too.

Obviously, I took to Instagram immediately but, to be totally honest, everything I found was so expensive & didn’t tick all my boxes anyway.

I needed something hardy, lots of compartments as well as designated spaces for bottles and wet wipes. Not too tall an order, but super specific!

As Instagram and Google failed me I turned to my most visited space online – Amazon! You guys, I am obsessed with Amazon. For both vegan stuff and finding good zero waste alternatives it’s been totally invaluable. (ps this is not sponsored by Amazon……)

It also helps I get a teeny bit of commission when you buy anything from one of the Amazon associate links in this post too ❤ Read my full disclaimer here.

There were so many options, but I plumped for the Brightshow backpack which was £29.99. I LOVE it so much! In fact, I don’t usually do reviews but I’ve had so many requests on Instagram I thought I was being a little selfish keeping it to myself. Also…..if thousands of you go mad and buy it through my Amazon associate link I’ll potentially earn PENNIES!!!! I know, baller.

So here you go, an actual review. 


First off, I like the look of it. Simple, if not especially stylish I don’t feel like a yummy-mummy or a backpacking teenager. It’s also really comfy to wear as a backpack (for both me and my husband) and the shorter handles mean you can hold it jauntily (!) or do what I do and clip it to my buggy hook.

It has LOADS of compartments perfect for hiding snacks, wipes, dummies, my phone and wallet AND my keys too.

And when you open the bag up (which is Mary Poppins deep) it stays open. That was a really big deal for me because there’s nothing worse than having to root around when your baby is screaming and you also need to find your gin stash. JOKES. But it is annoying so I love that the wiring around the bag’s opening keeps it open.

The insulated bottle area fits three bottles (mine are Avent) and I love the fact they have there own little pocket. Makes life infinitely easier.

And oh, hallelujah to the wet wipe dispenser on the side of the bag to grab wipes on the go. Although I’ve now switched to reusable wipes, this is still an incredibly handy little feature.


The bag doesn’t come with a changing mat which is a downside if buying for a new mum with NO gear at all or if you are said new mum. I like having a separate changing mat so it wasn’t an issue for me but I can see how this might be a con.

The bag is hardy, for sure, but it’s not technically waterproof (although the lining makes it fairly waterproof) and the bottom isn’t wipe-clean (ha). Again, this isn’t a big issue for me but given how mucky soft play/kiddy club/the park is it would be a nice touch.

As I mentioned before, the bag is simple but it’s not particularly stylish and I’m almost positive it’s not ethical. That’s a downside for me, but on this occasion, I shopped with different values (aka, left my values at home so I could get the bag I wanted.)

I honestly love the backpack, and it’s one of the very few items I’ll keep for future babies!

Let me know if you have a changing bag you’ve really loved (or want to know more) in the comments 🙂

L x

Lucy Lucraft
Lucy Lucraft

Lucy is a freelance journalist, blogger and podcaster based in Brighton, UK.

She started this blog in 2013 and is the host of blogging podcast What She Said.

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  1. 26th June 2018 / 4:14 am

    This is quite an interesting blog post.

  2. Catriona Wojcik
    14th October 2018 / 2:12 pm

    I have been trying to find an ethical rucksack changing bag and failed 🙁 can’t have everything! Thanks for the review, very helpful!

    • Lucy
      7th December 2018 / 10:11 am

      It’s so hard isn’t it? I think Tiba & Marl are supposed to be great 🙂

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