I haven’t done a skincare routine post for AGES. And actually, given the claims I ‘write about beauty’ I have precious little musings on the topic of late. But my skins been going through some changes and I’m guessing yours is too. The seasons are a-changing and September is nothing if not a time for newness, so I guess you could say my skin is going back to school.

Actually, it’s been the worst it’s ever been — but there are reasons for that, so I’m not too worried. As I write this, I’m well into a new routine which is working for me so things have calmed a lot.

And actually, that’s something you should remember — when things flare up, or your skin becomes, well, hellish — make little tweaks, not too many, and just be patient. I don’t want to be too hippy about it, but take a proper look at everything that’s going on with your body — diet, stress, exercise….and look at product last. It’s usually what’s going on inside that makes the biggest difference to your skin.

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One of the things I also really wanna say is — don’t worry too much about rules. I mean, do….but follow them sparingly. There is a LOT of advice out there and it can get a little overwhelming so it’s worth noting that not everyone is right about everything. And more than that, you know know your own skin better than ANYONE. Honestly, you do.

I recommend you monitor your skin, and go with your gut. And also read Pretty Honest by Sali Hughes.

So, I know my skin fairly well but even so, I am easily stumped when it changes out of the blue. And I am rarely keen to change my diet or exercise……

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My old balm and oil cleansers just weren’t working for me at all and I noticed I was breaking out something chronic. So I switched to my old friend Cetaphil which cleanses pretty thoroughly and leaves my skin feeling soft. I haven’t been wearing makeup much, so one wash suffices both morning and evening but if I’ve had the slap on I’ll get rid of that pre cleansing with Bioderma Sensibio  which is totally worth the hype.


At night I’ve switched to Vichy Normaderm Night Detox which has made the most difference to my skin so far. If in doubt I would always recommend a French brand…..they just get shiz done, you know? It’s slightly fragranced and leaves my skin feeling moisturised and in the morning it always looks better — spots are less red, and there’s not a dry patch in sight. A miracle worker as far as I’m concerned.

For daytime I’m sticking with Clinique Moisture Surge Intense which is great and so inoffensive. But I think I need to up my moisture levels a little. I switched from my trusty Pai Rosehip oil to Emma Hardie which was an error. My skin hated the Emma Hardie one so I think I’ll switch back to Pai…..but potentially add it over my moisturiser instead as my skin is dehydrated, not dry. Yes, you can do that. 

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Masks & Treatments

I’ve pared back my use of Pixi Glow Tonic to about three times weekly and only in the morning. I’m not sure why but it just works.

And two-three times a week I’ve been grabbing my Origins Out Of Trouble Mask, a cute My Little Paris Rose Mask or Korean Sheet Mask depending on how my skin is feeling. All prepped with the maskimiser spray although I’m not sure how much this adds to the experience.

I’ve also been pretty addicted to my Origins Super Spot Remover which, aside from plain old tea tree oil, is the best thing I’ve found to genuinely zap spots. A few times I day I apply it to the angry demons and normally by the end of the day/the following morning things have calmed down.

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