S3 E16: On Breaking the Instagram Rules with Barbora Kurcova // Her Internest

S3 E16: On Breaking the Instagram Rules with Barbora Kurcova // Her Internest

In this week’s episode, I chat with Barbora about her journey to massive Instagram success, the struggles that came along with that massive growth, and how it led her to break the rules in order to regain her creativity. We talked about:

  • How the creativity of Instagram and blogging helped Barbora come back from a really dark time.
  • The struggle that came with her Instagram account growing so quickly and how it led her to break the “rules”
  • The privilege of being able to take a break and take creative risks online
  • Creating content purely because your audience will like it versus finding creative fulfillment
  • The problem with most Instagram advice out there
  • The importance of getting off Instagram in order to grow your Instagram following
  • Why growth is not always a good thing when it comes to social media
  • Whether the concept of providing “value” online is overrated
  • The misguided, damaging messages that are sent to influencers

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My Favourite Vegan Recipes: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner!

My Favourite Vegan Recipes: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner!

I meant to publish this WAY earlier but hey ho, I’m rarely on time in life so why would I be online? Actually, I’m ALWAYS on time but that lie made the opening sentence of this post easier to write so….

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Taking part in Veganuary? Here are my tried and tested favourite vegan recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner!

I’ve been vegan for a while now, vegetarian even longer, carnivorous intermittently, on a diet of breastmilk for a few short months, juicing = NEVER.

And it seems as though a fair few flirt with a flexitarian diet too. Perhaps you’ve found this piece searching for, “vegan recipes for people who like their stomach”, or perhaps for this, “why does vegan cheese make me cry” but more likely this, “vegan recipes because I’ve just signed up to Veganuary and I can’t eat any more Oreos.”

Perhaps none of the above. However you found me, you are in the right place if you want a roundup of my FAVOURITE, tried, tested and devoured vegan recipes.


Disclaimer: If you like chia seed puddings you’re in the wrong place. I hate that stuff!


I find lunch a weird one as anything I eat for my tea (dinner) I also eat for lunch. But I’ve popped some great sarnie and soup recipes and some more traditionally eaten at lunchtime. Rainbow sandwich


L x

Vegan Meal Planning Tips

Vegan Meal Planning Tips

I feel a bit of a fool writing this post as it’s so simple I’m sure most people have a far better system in place but honestly, this is one of my most requested blog posts (by at least one person ;)).

Reducing your food waste may not be a huge priority but it is one of mine. It’s the easiest way to reduce your overall household waste as, realistically, it involves one of three things; buying less food, eating more food or planning better. I am good with all three of these things but let’s be realistic and accessible to those who don’t want to eat more food, can’t buy less and want the third, most Virgo option on the table. 

vegan cookbook flatlay
flatlay of vegan meal planning

Let’s talk meal planning

I’ve been heavily into meal planning since the whole family became vegan. It’s helped us reduce our waste, eat a bigger variety of food and, genuinely, have a little fun each week. Come on, don’t judge me on this! 

Before you start, all you’ll need is some sort of meal planning notebook. I have a very, very old one that is still going but it’s not the best as there’s no space to add a shopping list. I’d recommend either using a blank pad you customise with the days of the week and a space for a shopping list, or use an online notes app. 

Before I jump in and give you my simple meal-planning tips I wanted to let you know my go-to resources for finding good vegan/plant-based recipes.

My Favourite Vegan Resources  

  • Minimalist Baker always has great, simple plant-based recipes and I’ve never made a dud one! 
  • Oh She Glows is another fave and I especially adore her food photography.
  • Aine Carlin first cookbook Keep it Vegan is a classic I often refer back to.  
  • I adore my beautiful Riverford Autumn/Winter cookbook; the recipes aren’t exclusively vegan but it’s a gorgeous guide to eating seasonally and my go-to when random veg like Pain de Sucre pops up in my veg box!
  • But I couldn’t live without my Vegan Comfort Classics cookbook by Lauren Toyota because I am a carb Queen and I couldn’t live without my comfort food. 

My Vegan Meal Planning Tips

  • Start with what you have: Any veg that needs to be used up lest it grow roots and propagate in your fridge? A glut of pasta you need to get through? I have a weekly veg box so at this stage I also look at what’s coming in my next delivery. 
  • Note the days you’re out: This isn’t tricky for me as I basically never go out but you might have a weekly date night or exercise class or whatever so it’s good to keep note, so you know not to make more than you need.
  • Set categories: I use a bit of a strange system as I rely on what my bulk store has in stock. So to keep it both flexible and reliable I use 5 categories to base my meals on; rice, grain (cous cous/quinoa etc), pasta, potato and legume (lentils, chickpeas etc).
  • Start planning! This is when I grab my cookbooks and start poring over them, picking whatever takes my fancy. Of course, we have staples (Like the chilli from this book!) but I like to add new bits and pieces too. Most importantly, the meals we cook tend to be in line with the seasons as per our Riverford veg box.  
  • Make a shopping list: Pretty important but amazing how I often I forget this step! This is why I suggest having a space for your list as the most simple you can make your meal plan, the easier it is to stick to. At the moment, I write on the back of my meal plan OR pop it on Sunday which is when we tend to wing it a bit. 

And thus concludes one of the least exciting blog posts I’ve ever written! I hope you enjoyed it because I GENUINELY loved writing it!

L x

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Vegan Meal Planning: My top tips to reduce your food waste and enjoy delicious vegan meals each week. Read more at lucylucraft.com #zerowaste #plantbased #whatveganseat
How to Make your own Vegan Candles

How to Make your own Vegan Candles

On the 19th day of Christmas my true love gave to me…..ANOTHER blog post from moi. This week I’m showing you how to make your own vegan candles. 

When I learned how to make my own candles I honestly wanted to kick myself for the sheer volume of money I’d spent on crappy candles over the years. In truth, having made a fair few I can 100% see why artisan candle-makers charge the price they do and I’ll continue to support them because there is a difference in scent and burn time. Just being honest with you! 

But I love having candles on the go throughout winter so it’s nice to be able to make one whenever I need it. It takes about 30 minutes, tops, and your new candle will be ready to burn the very next day 🙂

 It’s also really worth noting that the cheaper candles are often made using CHEAP ingredients which are pretty revolting to be brutally honest. Most are made with paraffin wax which, when burnt, release toxins such as benzene and toluene. After learning this it was a HARD NO to those bargain candles for me. The double win is that you can use any old glass jars to make them in, saving your recycling bin from yet more waste 🙂 

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A simple guide to making your own vegan candles with a bonus video tutorial!

Your Candle-Making Kit

  • *Soya wax flakes (or beeswax if you aren’t vegan)
  • *Wicks attached to metal dots and glue to secure them
  • Essential oils/blends: Make sure you don’t buy cheap as chips stuff and try to buy less, but better. The essential oils I use are from Young Living, *Neals Yard and Apotheca Faversham.
  • Receptacles, like glass jars, teacups, bowls….anything! 
  • A saucepan and a bowl that’ll fit inside like a bain marie

How To Make Vegan Candles

  1. Measure your wax flakes: I use double the amount that’ll fit into your jar.
  2. Using a bain marie, melt your wax flakes over the hob slowly. The slower you melt them the slower they’ll burn.
  3. Once fully melted, pour into a jug and set aside to cool a little.
  4. While your wax cools a little attach your wick to the base of your jar and make sure it’s secure. 
  5. Now for the fun bit: Add your chosen essential oils! I added around 50 drops per 150ml but I think you could probably add more and use a 50/50 ratio. It really depends on the quality and type of oil you use.
  6. Now it’s time to pour! Make sure you hold the wick fairly central (you can use a peg to steady it if you want), and pour the wax carefully onto your jar. 
  7. Secure the wick with a peg or chopsticks and leave somewhere cool to set. Mine took around 24 hours in summer, 12 in winter. 

L x