Unbeknownst to anyone who has not visited Sri Lanka, they actually have very small fruit. My immediate assumption is that, as a small country, they obviously can only grow small fruit. Makes sense right?
However, after a little research, it has become apparent that we in Europe view a Cavendish banana as normal. Safe to assume that some bloke with either the first name or surname Cavendish brought this big banana over and killed-off all the other crazy miniature banana sellers within a 400 mile radius.
However, in Sri Lanka, Cavendish can do one. He is not welcome here. Neither are his elongated, slightly dry and flavourless bananas.
Instead, they have the Pygmy banana (not the official name, but I like it). A finger long, and very sweet.

Moreover, they also have miniature satsumas. Basically, I am now spending my time searching for tiny fruit, and then pretending I am a giant.

Here is a picture to demonstrate what I’m talking about.