As I mentioned in my annual roundup post, I do want to make sure that I take a little time to reflect, reminisce and recap (I know, I know, I’m a wordsmith). I’ve decided to make it a bit of a monthly occurrence and will include a few overshares as well as an overall recap of all my activities.

Oli and I flew to Bangkok, on bargain £200 flights with Cathay Pacific, at the beginning of April with a bit of a one-track plan. The first stop was to our beloved Koh Tao where Oli started his divemaster internship, and I settled into the freelance lifestyle of a travel blogger on the road. It has been surprisingly easy to settle into island life and feels like we’ve been here forever. In over a year of slogging away on my blog, hustling for freelance work I’ve done okay. Realistically though, I haven’t made any money to speak of and certainly haven’t hit the high notes of financially sustainable travel. However, a mere three weeks living on Koh Tao and I’ve landed two jobs! One of which is full-time, and I’ll be keeping it to myself a little while longer…..

Ahhhh every bloody day in Koh Tao. Making new friends, being given epic opportunities and enjoying quality time with my beardy boy has been top-notch fun.
If I had to pick just one though, it would be the day Oli and I spent together sunbathing, getting £8 Thai massages and eating our fave £1 soup at 995 Duck.
Not too many to speak of. Money was a bit stressful especially as we expected to have a bit more cash coming in….May will be fine though happily. Again, this is all sorted for May, but living in such a small space for the past month has been tiresome.
What I’ve Been Writing
I upped my post writing schedule to three times a week (Sunday, Monday and Wednesday) and only had two blips where I forgot to schedule a post because…..I was sunbathing. Not too bad then. If you missed any of them, the links are all below:

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What I’ve Been Instagrammin’
It’s been a serious sunset-fest this month, and I wasn’t too surprised at that given how beautiful they are here in Koh Tao. I mixed it up a bit though and threw in some shots of the super cute kittens we’ve been looking after, a HUGE SNAKE and a sweet video of White Dove playing his sitar, from our favourite Koh Tao bar.

The gulf islands, Thailand, view from Koh Tao

The gulf islands, Thailand, view from Koh Tao

What I’ve Been Spending
This month has been so tricky, and I have definitely spent more than usual. The excitement of coming back to my favourite restaurants, stacks of epic nights out and renting a scooter, as well as learning to dive has contributed to my most expensive month of travel. It’s basically averaged out at about £30 a day (eek).

On the plus side though, going forward our new place is cheaper though and I think we’ll probably buy a scooter too (which we can sell when we leave, off-setting the cost entirely). I’m absolutely never gonna give up my western food and wine habit so…..I guess Oli will have to sell something;)

What I’ve Been Watching/Reading
I have been YouTube mad this month as the WiFi has been way too slow for Netflix sobs. Amongst the vlogs and funny cat videos, I’ve developed a weird obsession with retro documentaries. The month started with Thin Blue Line and ended with The Cove. In between there’s been a healthy dose of Lily Pebbles, who I’m LOVING at the moment.

What’s Next?
Well, we found a gorgeous little place in Sairee, which we move into next Friday. It has a kitchen and everything! May is gonna be a pretty quiet one and I’ll hopefully settle into a routine with work, home and play. Maybe a little less play actually….

L x

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