An Acne Saviour – Sudocrem

An Acne Saviour – Sudocrem

This weeks Hump Day Acne Hero is……Sudocrem! Say whaaaaat??


I know, who knew Sudocrem could have so many uses beyond your toddling days? Well, I did. And do you know how I found out? My friend Jess told me. Do you know how she found out? She read the uses on the pot.

Et voila. I now have my very own little insider beauty secret, and I love nothing more than sharing said secret with people, watching their incredulity when I tell them — yep, it’s basically a miracle.

True fact — I had a wedding to attend this weekend (as a bridesmaid no less) and my skin was in #breakoutforanevent mode. I’m sure you’ve all been there at some point? So I spent three dedicated nights of applying the “Sudocrem face” — a light layer of Sudocrem every evening — and lo and behold, my skin was looking pretty darn good (for me!).

The list of uses is bonkers, and I honestly don’t know why all of our mothers prescribed us this in a heartbeat when the first spot, patch of eczema or sunburned face reared their ugly heads. Let’s face it, these are all adult problems too. In fact, acne is apparently the most googled word, (after sex).

So go forth, use Sudocrem and conquer. You’re welcome.

L x

Lucy Lucraft
Lucy Lucraft

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