Oh Christmas, you cheeky bringer of joy! How you delight and terrify us in equal measures with your capitalist ways, and beautiful festivities.

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Gift guides eh, how common are they these days? Pretty common, and guess what? I am gonna throw my two cents in with my own cheeky guide for all of you travel addicts out there. Christmas is a sort of tricky time for travellers, because on the one hand it is a chance to enjoy home comforts, and have a little ‘normality’, on the other (more boring) hand it is difficult to enjoy a lot of the gifts you receive when you know you have to fit them in your ever growing backpack.

Travelling long term makes you very conscious of ‘stuff’ and how you use it. Everything has a purpose and a value to it. The least valuable fall by the wayside pretty quickly, and the most valuable are rebought with preciously saved pennies. So, when Christmas comes, traditionally a time to enjoy more frivolous gifts with your loved ones, it can be hard to reconcile you penny-pinching persona with that of the free-spirited elf.

“This gorgeous hardcover coffee table book is beautiful”, you cry…..but it’s probably not gonna see the light of day until the following year, if you even remember that you have it. “Ah, you shouldn’t have bought me these stunning silk pyjamas”, no, really, you shouldn’t have – they are going to be tricky to rock on a night train in India.

Trickier still,  is using those categories all retailers insist on using to fit all human wants into neat little boxes. Ah, so you like travel do ya? You must want these oversized globe earrings then. Or how about a table with the word ‘travel’ etched into it.

Okay, I get it. I used to work in retail so I am fully aware that these subcategories are useful to the majority of people, and it is totally unrealistic to have a million different sections to cover every niche interest (travel & blue cheese, eggs & modern art, feminism & raisins, for example), but reading articles in magazines, and one of the numerous travel guides out there by bloggers will help you find something a little different.

So, what do you buy a travel addict? 

I love giving gifts, I love planning them, scouring the internet for them, reading articles, and finally buying them. I do not like wrapping, not one little bit…….but that’s really Oli’s role. I digress. Now, on with the buying……

Xmas Gift Guide 2015

Moleskine Travel Journal | £17.99

For old-fashioned scribbling and ting.


Tieks Pumps | $235

These babies are any stylish travellers dream. They look good, can cope with punding the pavements all day….and they fold up flat! I am obsessed with these leopard print ones.


Lonely Planet | from £14

The best a traveller can geeeeeeet (imo, others available)


Portable Charger for your iStuff | £11.99

Because you need juice on the road.

Shop: Portable iPhone/iPad Charger *

Lush Solid Shampoo Bars | from £4

Because your travel addict needs them. They do, just trust me.


Luggage Tag | £32

The classy travellers companion, stick to leather


Finally, I urge you to consider using an online Wishlist, like Wishlistr.com. They eliminate any nasty little surprises and people will thank you for it, I promise.

L x

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