Did you catch my Gift Guide for Travel Addicts? Well, now it’s the turn of the Beauty Addict, of which I am a big one.

If buying for a travel addict is tricky, then buying for a beauty addict is conversely simple. All you really need to know is just what type of addict she or he is. Does your recipient enjoy a long bath? Then they will probably love any kind of length luxury, be it a face or hair mask, or a classic bath bomb (Hello Lush). Maybe its a full face of slap that floats their boat. In that case, head straight to a makeup counter and find the covetable contour kit all women want.

Either way, all you need to know is that if you pay a teeny bit of attention – you will find the chink in your beauty addicts armour and learn the way to their heart. Resistance is futile, beauty coveteers…….you are gonna get seriously enabled real soon.

So, what do you buy a beauty addict? 

I love giving gifts, I love planning them, scouring the internet for them, reading articles, and finally buying them. I do not like wrapping, not one little bit…….but that’s really Oli’s role. I digress. Now, on with the buying……

Beauty Addict Gift Guide

NEOM Candle | £16

For bathing and being all sophisticated. My pick is this: London Happiness, travel sized.


Philip Kingsley Elasticizer | £30.55

Do you remember when I loudly exclaimed how rubbish I thought this product was?  Anyway, I take it all back. This product is AMAZING. I get it now.


Guerlain Midnight Secret| £67

My love for this product knows no bounds. It’s skincare that will suit every face, sensitive or not. It lasts an age, and will transform a tired face in a flash……it’s great for sunburn too.


My Little Box  | 3 Month Subscription £33

Ah the genius people of My Little Paris have made the ultimate Beauty/Lifestyle box filled with deliciously covetable products.


Anything from H&M Beauty | from £1

H&M have had a beauty range for a long time, but it has been re-imagined and the range is dreamy. It’s no surprise that the Scandi giant is smashing it on all levels, particularly when it comes to the design. All minimal and chic, the eye creams are my pick of the bunch.


Makeup Bag | £16

It wouldn’t be a gift guide without including something from Not On The High Street would it? I LOVE this gorgeous stripy number, with a gold personalised name. As a rule, I hate personalised products…but for this, I would make an exception.


L x

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