As I write this I’ve been vegan (with one BIG break while I was pregnant……) for about two years. But for a huge chunk of that time, I refused to label myself as anything.  Why?

Because people are seriously judgemental when it comes to diet aren’t they? And I include myself in that category too, because I’m judgey (a word, not a word?) as fook.  It’s just one of those things. Food is just super important to us humans and I think we all have funny little quirks when it comes to our eating habits. 

Needless to say, if you’re reading this post you are either a new vegan yourself (trying Veganuary out perhaps?) or friends with someone who is. When you make a big change to your lifestyle; because that’s what being a vegan means I guess, changing your lifestyle as well as quitting animal products, it intrigues people, inspires curiosity and it also threatens people a little.

Some people, not all I hasten to add. Some people. But it does, doesn’t it? I think when anyone does anything we feel is ‘good’ or something we ‘should’ do too, but don’t want to, we feel a bit, well, pissed off. I know I do. I can’t even cope with how much waste I need to reduce and my brain can’t seem to cope with the idea of switching to cloth nappies instead of the ‘chuck ’em on a landfill and leave them to ruin the planet’ ones I currently use (*bows head in shame*).

So that, I think, is why people ask so many questions, and also why those questions can be a little bit clunky. But, as a vegan, I’m here to tell you they’re fudging annoying 😉


  1. Where do you get your protein? This is the worst, you guys. THE WORST. I refer you to this response: “One cup of spinach has about 7 grams of protein”
  2. Why are you vegan? Is it for health reasons? Erm. Why do you love junk food? is it for sexual reasons? I mean…….
  3. I could never give up cheese. How do you do it?! Dude, I’m not gonna lie, it’s rough out there. Vegan cheese tastes like death.
  4. Oh, you’re vegan! Don’t ask me to give up my birthday steak?! I mean, I definitely won’t. Because I literally give zero sh@ts about what you eat.  
  5. [when ordering food together] What are you gonna eat? Is that vegan? This one is just tiring. Don’t worry about what I’m eating. And please don’t keep asking me…..it’s so dull.

Okay, so all of that sounds super narky but honestly, I jest for the sake of the post. If you are recently vegan, good luck and godspeed! You’re changing the world 🙂 And if not, you are also awesome!

L x