Okay, I admit that writing this post was a pretty lazy effort. I have written several times about my favourite travel bloggers, beauty bloggers and even YouTube Vloggers, so I’m not adding anything fresh or new to the mix. I still think it’s quite nice to curate a neat little list of my current favourites for you all to peruse. Personally, I love reading top ten lists (High Fidelity anyone?), and I’m hoping someone else does too…..

I read a helluva lot of blogs. I read books too, but blogs are my go to for most things: be it travel, beauty, lifestyle, crafting (Yes. Really.) and more recently wedding-ing. I’m pretty confident that aside from Pinterest, blogs take up the main bulk of my free time.

Five Blogs I Love Reading

Into Mind Blog

Into Mind Fashion & Lifestyle Blog

Into Mind | My friend Penny recommended this blog to me, as did her sister Kate and I am now hooked too. I love this blog for the amazing style advice Anuschka gives. She has a fantastic step by step guide to redefining your style with an emphasis on minimalism. The design is stunning, and it’s worth wandering over to see a masterclass in beautiful web aesthetics.

Tattoologist Natalie Hanks Lifestyle & Tattoo blog

Tattoologist Lifestyle & Tattoo blog

Tattoologist | I love Londoner Natalie’s gorgeously girly and simple photography of various inking around the web. If you are the sort of person who wants a tattoo, or maybe even wants several, this blog is for you. It appeals to my short attention span as there are few words: it’s essentially a collection of gorgeous photo essays.

Globetrotter Girls Travel Blog

Globetrotter Girls Travel Blog

Globetrotter Girls | Dani is the German-born nomad behind Globetrotter Girls although it was initially born of her & her girlfriend’s travels together. They have since split, but Dani is still travelling the world like a boss, and documenting her adventures along the way. I love how honest she is, and her point of view, as a lesbian solo traveller, is a pretty interesting one.

Vivianna Does Makeup Beauty Blog

Vivianna Does Makeup Beauty Blog

Vivianna Does Makeup | I flit between beauty bloggers quicker than I change my underwear and not one of them fulfils every need. Except for Anna, the girl next door who you want to share a bottle of wine and a Dominoes with. She does Makeup better than anyone else as far as i’m concerned, with a massive dollop of LOLs.

Pea Soup Eats Vegan Food & Lifestyle Blog

Pea Soup Eats Vegan Food & Lifestyle Blog

Pea Soup Eats | I discovered AinĂ© Carlins blog through her fantastic Vegan cook-book, which is amazing by the way, and was pleasantly surprised to find that her blog is even better. There is a little less food served up with a healthy chunk of lifestyle, ramblings and some style thrown in too. Regardless if whether you are vegan or not (Oli isn’t an he loved her recipes too) I would implore you to check Pea Soup Eats out.

Have you read any of these blogs? What’s your favourite waste of time?

L x