5 Blog Posts I'm Reading This Week | https://lucylucraft.com | Travel, Beauty, Lifestyle

5 Blog Posts I’m Reading This Week | https://lucylucraft.com | Travel, Beauty, Lifestyle

This past week has gone by in an absolute blur, and although I’d like to say that it was a nice blur. Well, it wasn’t. Not even remotely. Work has been bonkers, home life frenetic and quality alone time minimal. And even worse, it’s only Wednesday!

Good things are ahead though and I’m flying off to Jordan on Saturday for a well deserved rest. When I come back, it will be straight into some pretty exciting new things work-wise and as you read this, I’ll be chopping my hair off! I don’t know what it is about having your hair cut, but I always find it super cathartic. I spent my teens with ill-advised Natalie Imbruglia inspired bobs, and my adulthood coveting long, wavy, bone-dry beach hair. So, it’s time for a shift to the middle ground.

As ever, my constant in any madness, is reading. Reading books, sure, but mostly blog posts and anything that catches my eye online. So here are the five posts I’ve read, and loved, this past week.

  1. This powerful article about depression, and why it’s not something you can beat: Daisy Buchanon for The Pool
  2. Getting cajoled into waking up early to see London’s beautiful sunrise, in this postElle Croft
  3. This drool-worthy guide to the best vegetarian restaurants in the UK, featuring my fave at number 1: Stylist
  4. I made an exception to my ban on the Daily Mail for this post by Holly Brockwell, about her battle to get the NHS to sterilise her.
  5. This dreamy (and perfectly timed) post on tackling work burnout: No Sidebar

What have you been reading this week? Please share it with us all, so we can encourage procrastination for all!