5 Blog Posts I'm Reading This Week | https://lucylucraft.com | Travel, Beauty, Lifestyle

5 Blog Posts I’m Reading This Week | https://lucylucraft.com | Travel, Beauty, Lifestyle


I should say, ‘read and LOVED this week’ because let’s be real — I wouldn’t be telling you about them if I didn’t like them!

As an introvert, with a creative soul and a penchant for procrastination, I love reading. I love Netflix too, but I’m not a uber visual person so more than anything, I like to zone out with a book, magazine or a blog.

I use Feedly as my chosen way of keeping tabs on all of my fave bloggers, and every other day I check in to read the latest literary offerings from my faves, with a cup of tea. Always with tea.

Anyway, I realised that so many of my favourite blog posts shape my week, leaving me feeling uplifted, inspired, jealous sometimes and always happy. But I never really talk about them. Occasionally I write, let’s face it, pretty dull round up posts of ‘my fave Snapchatters’ or ‘my fave You Tubers” etc etc but these listicles are rarely evergreen, and always regrettable as I look back and kick myself for missing out someone amazing.

I have become increasingly purposeful with what I consume, which you’ll know if you read my post on finding balance the other day, and recently I delved into my Feedly account and deleted everything that didn’t fill me with a little flutter of joy.  A bit airy fairy perhaps, but in my book (ha, see what I did there) I believe blogs to be escapism as well as offering value on more of a practical level. After the cull, I was left with a small but perfectly formed catalogue of reading fodder, and I read every last post. All forty of them.

But I don’t purely read blog posts, I also read the trending articles that pop up on Twitter, or Facebook too. Essentially, if it takes my mind elsewhere and means I stress a little more about deadlines, I’m usually game for a spot of the procrastinators.

I wanted to start a bit of a weekly thread, where I share the things that I am intentionally, and purposefully consuming (and living) each week, so I can sneakily enable you to do the same too. I’m hoping that you guys will like the idea, and get commenting on what you’ve been reading, watching or just all round consuming. I am all too aware of my invisible readers (all 10k of you!) who check in here, every month, but never comment. I hope you feel like this is a safe space for you to do so, because it is y’all! Ain’t no trolls round these parts 😉

  1. This really useful post with 10 things to read/watch/listen to when you want more freedom  by Jen Carrington
  2. This essential post teaching you how to repurpose your content by Melyssa Griffin
  3. The ever dreamy Caroline talks about finding her personal style in this post by Un-Fancy
  4. Good old Anna enables with her Spring Capsule Wardrobe post by Vivianna Does Makeup
  5. Learn how to expand your fashion comfort zone through this post by Into Mind.

What have you been reading this week? Please share it with us all, so we can encourage procrastination for all!