Oli and I have been living in Koh Tao for about a month now, and we’ve settled into our temporary accommodation, even fostering five kittens and one big mummy cat!

A question I get asked a lot, bar how much money do you make blogging, is how can you afford to live in Thailand? I mean, Thailand is cheap, particularly compared to London where we lived before. However, our jobs have changed pretty dramatically, and our salaries took a nosedive so there you go.

What can we afford out here? Well, the truth is that we are in Koh Tao in the official ‘low season’ so I’d have that as a disclaimer I guess. 14,000 Thai Baht (£280/$400) a month for our (1 bedroom, one bathroom) Private bungalow with big terrace atm and that includes all bills, wi-fi and air-con.

That’s an okay price, but we are on the lookout for something bigger and cozier. I’m ready to settle down here for a while (I’m talking months, not years people!) so the next place will have a living room and kitchen too….even though all I’ll be making in said kitchen is tea & toast.

DISCLAIMER: I am not used to vlogging so apologies for the heinous footage. What can I say? I’m learning:)

L x