Every week I tell you about all the things I can’t remember, but this is one week I definitely do remember. Yay!

So my week 18 fell into the beginning of November (I’m currently 22 weeks pregnant for those of you as numerically challenged as me) which coincides with World Travel Market, the annual trade show for the entire travel industry. It’s HUGE, and pretty overwhelming too but this year was my best yet. I wasn’t as intimidated as previous years, and didn’t have to hustle as hard as before. In fact, I was there for the full three days and managed to pack out the majority of it.

The only negative was not loving all the awesome after parties. Every evening was taken up with a different event, and plentiful free booze — which I obviously couldn’t partake in. I guess it did mean I stayed fresh the whole time and could laugh at everyone else as they got drunk instead.

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Working out what to eat and drink in the second trimester of pregnancy....that's me at 18 weeks!

I guess the only thing that became apparent to me, is that I have hit a stage in my career where I don’t have to hustle and pitch as much as I used to, and I’m also being offered a lot more opportunities than before. I’m so grateful for it, but just as my career is hitting its stride – my life is changing irrevocably.

Will I travel pregnant? YES. I have and I’ll continue to do so.

Travelling with a baby? Yep, that is happening too. It’s not something I’ve talked about on here just yet, but it’s something Oli and I have talked about a lot. Luckily, both of our gut reactions are the same. Our values are aligned and we both know having a baby doesn’t mean no more travel (despite what lots of people have said to us!). We are semi-realistic in that we are aware our life will change, that’s the point of having a baby, right? But we don’t see why we have to change a fundamental part of our life for no good reason.

[ctt template=”1″ link=”3Axdj” via=”no” ]What to eat, drink & where to travel in your #secondtrimester – it’s the PregancyDiaries! via @wanderluceblog[/ctt]

Okay, we probably won’t head to Nepal to trek Everest Base Camp, but we probably weren’t going to do that anyway.

So, we’ve got plans, by month actually, and none of them involve a caravan in Margate. We are making the most of free air travel before the baby is two!

Watch this space for where we are planning to travel, because I’m positive it will become a feature of the blog soon enough.

L x

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