10 Thoughts Everyone Has While Running | https://lucylucraft.com | travel, beauty, lifestyle

10 Thoughts Everyone Has While Running | https://lucylucraft.com | travel, beauty, lifestyle


I am no gym bunny, but I do like me a cheeky run of a morning. I can even get to 5k. I know, I know — you are obvs wondering what my marathon time was. Yeah….so about that marathon…..ermmmm.

Anyway, I find running quite meditative actually, and alongside keeping me fit and in the amazing shape that I am in *weeps while eating a block of cheese*, it gives me time out of my day to think. With no coordination to text, Snap, Tweet or email, my mind is freed up for a bit of active mindfulness.

But the things I think of aren’t super deep. I haven’t discovered my true calling while pounding the mean streets of Shepherds Bush. Not yet anyway. But I do think about my to do list, things I want to do when I get home……how annoying that annoying friend is and how I will phase them the feck out asap, and these ten thoughts. And I know y’all have them too.

I am amazing. So happy I got myself out of bed to do this. Feel awesome.

And I can definitely have that bottle glass of wine tonight now too.

Hmmm I’m hungry. Can’t wait to get back and eat that Chia Seed pudding. Definitely need to slice the kiwi fruit and put it on top before I Instagram it too……

Ah I am amazing! This is amazing. Love running. I think I should go for it and sign up for that 10k. I could easily do it these days. Am so much fitter than I used to be.

Ooof, bit colder than I though. I should get new running clothes from Sweaty Betty. Maybe some ‘sports luxe’ I can wear on a night out? Can I pull that off? Yeah, reckon I can.

Okay, time check. THREE MINUTES. WTF. Must be a mistake. Sweaty! Must have been running for longer than that.

OH GOD that means that I’ve got 30 minutes to go. Okay, that’s cool. Just warming up. I won’t check again until the end of Sorry. Biebs will get me through.

ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME? Seven minutes. How is this possible? Need to walk……but if I do I have lost. Aaaaaagh keep going.

I literally hate running. Also, I don’t want fecking chia seeds for breakfast, I want toast. With butter. And peanut butter. Then a burger. URGH, this sucks.

Woooooop COOL DOWN! Ah, I am awesome. Feel amazing….I think I’ve got runners high actually. Yeah! I’ve got it! I’m gonna run the marathon. IN AFRICA!

What thoughts do you have when you go for a run?!

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