Yes, this is going to be a ranty post full of first world problems and spoiled brat moments. If you are sensitive to that kind of thing, stop reading now……no really, stop reading.

If  however you are keen to giggle at my ridiculousness, and want to share a rant of annoyingness all of your own, read on.

1) Really bad spelling. I mean, I am no Shakespeare, and my grammar is horrible but when I saw someone spell father ‘farther’ I wanted to punch myself in the face.

2) RAIN & WIND. TOGETHER. I know we are lucky in the UK to never really have to experience any kind of adverse weather but seriously, rain mixed with wind? It is so ANNOYING.

3) Weak Umbrella’s. OMG this is actually even more annoying than the aforementioned wind and rain combo. FML why does nobody make a brolly that can withstand incredibly light winds? My hands are still sore from the death grip I had to administer to the handle in order to keep it upright.

4) Ambling walkers at the most important times of the day – walking to work, and walking home. Oh my LORD, why are you walking so aimlessly and never in a straight line? I WANT TO GET PAST.

5) Running out of data before the end of the month….ok, I know I’ve only just got my phone back so really, I should be neither surprised nor annoyed at this happening. BUT I AM. How am I supposed to fill my time when I am waiting for stuff? I can’t be expected to just wee without being able to do my online shop at the same time……..

6) That Medicine Sans Frontiere advert…….

7) Not getting tickets for Glastonbury. I was there, ready at 8.55am……and after 30 minutes of refreshing my browser I was in. Elated I filled out mine and Oli’s details…..only to be hit with the error message – wrong postcode. FML WHAT IS OLI’S POSTCODE IF IT’S NOT THE SAME AS MINE?????? 3 minutes of cursing, flapping and finding it – SOLD OUT.

8) The price of going to see a movie. Wow Odeon, can I really only pay £9.95 before 5pm? Thanks so much, what a steal! NOT. That is grotesquely expensive. And then I will have to pay, like, £300 for a coke. Infuriating.

9) The fact that I am never appropriately dressed. WTF is this weather about? The constant reminder of ‘transitional pieces’ is also d@@cking me off.

10) Crappy skin. I know I have been spoiled in having at least, oh, a day without some form of vile outbreak but come on……I have been so good. Loads of water, a good routine etc etc Hormones eh?

If you made it this far, thanks for reading. I’ll be positive again on Monday, I promise.

L x